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Updated: Jan 9

When gearing up to do a big renovation inside or out, it's key that money is well spent and things run smoothly. A designer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table and helps to streamline your creative vision. We're bringing you 10 reasons we love working with designers.

1. Express yourself Hiring a designer allows you to connect with your space in new ways. The client + designer relationship is all about shaping a space that reflects who you are and that feels like your own.

Imbue your home with your unique personality.

Design + Photo: Blossom

2. Collaboration It saves time, energy, and money to have someone on your team to figure out exactly what you want and who understands how to turn your dreams into a reality. Two heads are better than one! Often the best designs are an outcome of the back-and-forth process that's inherent in a designer + client relationship.

3. The small details Tiny details create a big impact. Designers are tuned into small aspects like how a tiled wall turns into a shower niche or how the symphony of blooms and textures will interact to provide seasonal plant interest.

Juxtaposition of modern, dark blue cabinets paired with traditional red oak suit this updated kitchen in a mid-century home.

Design + Photo: Blossom

4.Value engineering Sticking to a budget? Every project is. Well-seasoned designers know where to spend money and where to save. It's all about making the best impact within the parameters of the project.

Manzanita and wispy Mexican feathergrass give this beachy patio furniture a sense of place. Design + Photo: Blossom

5. They speak the language Having a liaison between contractors and architects can be a relief. Designers speak the industry language and know what needs to be communicated - which helps move things along smoothly and avoids costly mistakes.

6. Increase your property value A trained eye beautifying your space increases the value of your property, and a house with an incredible move-in-ready kitchen or a daylight basement are amazing selling points! When it comes to landscapes, growing plants only increase in value as they fill in over time.

Who says basements can't have beautiful views?

Design + Photo: Blossom

7. No more problem spots Every project has its challenges. Interior designers have the know-how to tackle problems such as small or awkwardly shaped spaces, lighting issues, or storage problems. Landscape designers know how to handle those boggy zones, wet basements, and forlorn parking strips.

8. Modernize without compromise Designers have the skill to modernize your home while connecting with its historic look and integrity. Landscape designers make sure your garden embodies the spirit of your home, whether it's modern, classic, or a blend of both.

A historic building gets an airy and modern update.

Design: Blossom

Photo: Three Gems Creative

9. Custom elements

Adding features that fit seamlessly with your home, such as bookshelves in an attic niche or built-in benches, is an easy way to save space and add unique flair to your home. Designers blend function and form to create spaces in which users live and interact with ease.

A curving backrest doubles as a tall privacy screen in this garden.

Design + Photo: Evergreen Craftsmen

10. Smooth transitions

Determining how one space flows into the next and how the interior and exterior interact are so important! You might just discover that widening a doorway creates an open feel and connection between two spaces.

Design + Photo: Blossom

Designers are solution-oriented and sensible about budgets. They are visionaries, able to come up with beautiful, inventive, and efficient ways to design spaces that express who you are.

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