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The kitchen is the heart of the home and a daily gathering space for your family. Along with being functional, your kitchen should have some unique touches that make it feel like your own. Here's our top 5 ways to customize your kitchen.

1. Layered lighting. We utilize this trifecta for the perfect kitchen: undercabinet lighting (always), a task light above the sink, and a hood light. And, of course, dimmer switches are a must! Dimmable lights allow for flexibility - so you can adjust the lighting whether you are in cleaning mode or dining with candlelight.

Schoolhouse sconces over a farmhouse sink.

Design + Photo: Blossom

2. Remove clutter. Clear off countertops for a minimal and organized kitchen. And you'll actually have counter space for baking or chopping up veggies. Here's how:

a. Coffee Station: Tuck away large appliances into their own dedicated space. Achieve this look with deep pantry cabinets or an appliance garage. Design these storage spaces into your kitchen from the beginning; measure your actual appliances to ensure they will fit!

Pantry cabinet with a drop-down door that also doubles as more counter space.

Design + Photo: Blossom

b. Spice Rack Drawer: Are you always searching for the spice you need? The simplest solution is to arrange them so that the labels are visible.

A simple drawer insert and matching spice containers.

Source: IKEA

c. Cooking Utensil Drawer: We like to locate utensil drawers adjacent to the cooking surface for easy access.

Use that canister on your counter only for your pretty utensils!

Source: Kraft Made

3. Display your collections. Add some airy, open shelving to provide relief to a solid wall of cabinetry. To fill those shelves? Our go-tos are cookbooks, plants, or pottery. But you can display any interesting objects that you may have collected.

Detail of a corner shelf at window.

Design + Photo: Blossom

4. An eye-catching rug. Yes, we mean a nice, wool rug; it will add cushion and color. Stick to a flat-weave or low-pile rug for easy cleaning. A patterned, multi-color rug will minimize any spills. Plus, most kitchens stick to a classic, neutral color palette - so this is the opportunity to add color and pattern!

A runner rug adds visual pattern and texture to this galley kitchen. Design + Photo: Blossom

5. ART. Kitchen walls need love too! Just like rugs, art adds a pop of color and even a rich texture to a neutral space. Make it something unique, such as something you picked up while traveling or from your favorite vintage shop.

A colorful view from the kitchen into the dining nook.

Design + Photo: Blossom

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