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1/ Gorgeous dreamscape by local artist Jennifer Ryn. Check out her other beautiful works! /

2/ It’s the way Wolf Ceramics chooses their forms, bright matte colors, and terra cotta texture that makes them my favorite ceramicist in town. /

3/ These unique wind chimes sound like your favorite coastal buoy bells, when they chime in the wind you are transported to your favorite place on the ocean. Pick your tone, hang it from a tree or a post and enjoy! /

4/ 11:11 Supply is full of stationery wonders like this colorful sticky desk pad weekly planner. /

5/ If you haven't been to Roosevelt's Terrariums yet, you should totally go! Take a class and build your own terrarium, or leave with one of these beauty's. /

6/ This rad shop in Kenton gives new life to vintage furniture, check out Revive PDX. /

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