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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

We may have skipped fall and gone straight to winter, but cold weather doesn’t mean your garden has to lose any of its magical draw and vibrancy! October to early in November is the ideal time in the Pacific Northwest to get trees and shrubs in the ground. Your plants will appreciate the cooler temperatures, rainy weather, and the time to get established before things heat up again in spring. We've picked out a few of our favorite fall and winter stunners.


There are 105 different species and subspecies of manzanita, ranging from a low-growing groundcover, to a towering, striking tree. We love the Mediterranean vibes this plant can bring to a garden, and the way its peeling red bark seems to glow in the rain.


This wiry drought tolerant shrub is fascinating whether you're up close or seeing it from a distance. The wild, tiny branches create a hazy cloud effect that makes a beautiful screen or backdrop. Eventually this rounded shrub will reach 4' x 4'.


Nothing but luxurious, tropical vibes from this leafy evergreen. Use this in your shadier garden spots to brighten them up and bring a lush feel to your garden year-round - but make sure you have enough space! This plant is a fast grower that can get up to 10' tall and wide.


Such a unique-looking plant! These architectural branches also seem to glow a little in rainy weather. Honeycomb-like flowers with a lovely, sweet scent usually bloom in February before any leaves appear, making this shrub extra striking.


You can most likely find a Hellebore plant in whatever color you wish! Many varieties keep their green leaves all year round, and nodding flowers appear anywhere from late winter to early spring. This is another plant that prefers a shady site.

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